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About Us

Chicago food made by Chicagoans

CHISHACK is a Fast Casual Restaurant concept created and designed with Chicago food, architecture and culture in mind.  We offer a selection of food items that Chicago has become famous for, as well as a variety of signature items.  Chicago style hot dogs, Italian beef, and Maxwell style Polish sausage, along with our signature burgers and chicken tenders are the best you will ever taste.

CHISHACK uses only the highest quality ingredients which allows for a superior flavor.  Our burgers use an all natural beef blend, freshly ground for the ultimate burger experience.  Our Italian beef, hot dogs, and Maxwell street polish sausage are all made according to our own recipes.  Lastly, our signature chicken tenders are hand trimmed and double dipped in our secret buttermilk batter.  Served original or tossed in sauce, these tenders are truly amazing.

Desserts and shakes – we didn’t forget.  Our desserts are baked daily and our shakes are made with hand dipped ice cream.  We are sure they will become one of your favorites.

Taste – Quality – Service

Sit back, relax and enjoy. We didn’t invent the food, we made it BETTER.

Italian Beef
1900 – 1930
Believed to have been created by Italian immigrants who worked at
the Union Stockyards in Chicago.

Chicago Style Hot Dog
1890 – 1930
Believed to be first sold at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago
in 1893. It became the sandwich of the Great Depression. It’s was a delicious
hot meal on a bun for only a nickel.

Original Maxwell Street Polish
1900 – 1930
Original Maxwell Street Polish sausage believed to have been created in the
early 1900’s in Chicago.



301 75th Street,
Willowbrook,IL 60527

Open Daily

10:30am – 8pm Pick-up, 10:30 – 8pm Drive Thru

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301 75th Street, Willowbrook IL 60527 

Open Daily

10:30am – 8pm Pick-Up, 10:30am – 8pm Drive Thru

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